Our goal is to provide tools for manufacturing costs estimation

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We provide manufacturing cost estimation solutions

Our vision is to standardize manufacturing costs calculations. We provide excel based solutions for quick estimations of manufactirung costs. With our software you can calculate costs faster and decrease response time to customer.

Manufacturing costs

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We offer complete solution for your manufacturing costs calculation. 

TCE Software

For acurate and fast calculations. Our company offers adjustable Excel software, which will make your total cost estimations faster and more exact.

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We offer continuous assistance on customer requirements and modifications.

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Project cost calculations:
Assembly costs calculation.
BOM costs calculation. 
Tooling & investments costs calculation.

Our Software

Our software takes into consideration every small detail from production costs and logistics to overhead costs. Once you learn to use our software the whole calculation process will be easier and responsivness to customer much faster.

Our Expert Team

We are young enterpreneurs, both with background from mechanical engineering and Economics & Business. Throughout our jobs we discovered that many manufacturing companies partially forget to consider certain costs. Therefore we conducted a thorough analisys, which resulted in calculation method that we implemented in the form of an Excel software.

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